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Integrating yoga into a run training program can help lessen injury by gaining strength and flexibility. In addition yoga aids in the recovery of tired muscles and ready your body for next run. The following are main benefits:

Increase Core Strength

A strong core provides the stability, power and endurance that one needs for powering uphill’s, sprinting to the finish and maintaining efficient form mile after mile.

Yoga poses are all about building core strength.

Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion

Yoga routines incorporate slow, steady flexibility exercises that are ideal for athletes. Frequent yoga training may increase flexibility, and range of motion while relieving muscle tension. Improved range of motion can often help improve performance and prevent injuries.

Improve Balance

Balance exercises are often overlooked by athletes but are one of the most effective ways to correct muscle imbalance or body mechanic problems.

Develop Deep, Relaxed Breathing

Deep, relaxed breathing is the foundation for reducing performance anxiety and improving concentration. Yoga will help you develop a habit of breathing correctly.