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Ask any experienced runner for their best piece of advice and it almost always includes “don’t start too fast” and “don’t try anything new on race day”.  Here are our most common mistakes: 

Not having breakfast 
There are various reasons why people don’t have breakfast on race day for example not allowing time for breakfast or race day nerves getting the better of them. Having a good breakfast is important as it’s the last chance you get to have a solid meal until after the race.

Using new gear
Never use new gear such as runners, t-shirts for the first time on race day as it may cause blisters, chafing and discomfort.

Unfamiliar Food
The most common mistake competitors make is trying new and unfamiliar food and gels on race day. You don’t want to be on the side of the road with an upset stomach. Always have a food plan for race day which you have tried and tested during training.

Not Hydrating
Failing to drink fluids during the race can lead to muscles cramping, headache and feeling faint. There are water stops located every 3 miles which will have water and a toilet.

Not stretching after the race
Competitors are so excited and exhausted to cross the finish line that they forget to stretch or do any post-race recovery. Even 10-15 mins doing your normal stretch routine after the race can help the body recover faster.