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The evenings are starting to get longer so it’s time to kick off the slippers and put on your runners. Follow our tips to kick-start your Spring training:


  1. Set realistic and achievable goals

Decide what your goal is for 2019. For example, participate in your first Run Killarney 10K, half marathon or improve your race performance and get a PB.


  1. Events calendar
    Take time to decide which events you want to take part in for 2019. By registering for an event, it puts a target date to train towards and allow you to become focused on training.


  1. Train SMART
    Build up your training gradually and avoid doing too much too fast.


  1. Join a running group
    Running groups are a great way to stay motivated and improve your performance. In addition, you can get tips and advice from others in the group.


  1. Training diary
    Keep a record of each training session. It can be very inspirational to look back at your progress. Your diary should include what you did in each workout, times and what you ate and how you felt before, during and after.


  1. Make it fun
    All exercise programs should be fun and not feel like punishment.


Run Killarney 10km and half-marathon takes place on Saturday 20th July and is open for registration now.