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Are you looking to set a new Personal Best for yourself at Run Killarney this year? Well then read our tops tips below on how to achieve just that. 

Speed work

The first step to take to setting a new PB (personal best) in your next 10k is introducing speed work to your training plan. There are many ways to do this including interval training and tempo runs. For interval training the idea is to run fast-paced laps or set distances repeatedly, followed by a recovery period. The idea is to extend the length of those intervals as you build up to race day, to boost your overall speed. Tempo runs involve running at a steady pace for a sustained period, which is why the tempo run is often described as comfortably hard.

Hill Running

Running faster is all about building up speed and endurance. Hill running builds up your leg muscle strength and will help with your aerobic capacity, your stride length and your overall running technique.

Race day tactics

Familiarise yourself the race day course well. Warm up properly and stick to your regular routines. Make sure you find a good starting position where you won’t get too caught up in traffic and focus on what you are trying to achieve.

Pace yourself

The saying ‘running your own race’ is important to remember on race day. That means running at your own pace spot on and not worrying about anyone else.

Long runs

Endurance is a key aspect of a fast 10k. Gradually escalate the length of your longest run by no more than 10% each week. Remember to run at a slower pace on long runs than your race pace.

Your all set to crack that PB on July 20th!