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Final Stages

It’s hard to believe that the Run Killarney is coming up next Saturday, 20th July. This is the last article in the series for the race. If you’ve followed a training plan, then the main thing now is to relax and let the training work.

Race Tips

It’s time to create your race plan and stick to it. Don’t go out too fast and ruin all your training!

  1. Night before the race – once you’ve checked out everything at race HQ, try to limit your time walking around. Stay off your feet as much as possible, have dinner booked so that you can eat when suits you. Don’t over-eat the night before the race, just a normal dinner, but still plenty of water.
  2. Sleep – try to get to bed at a good time. But don’t stress about getting to sleep. Put your mind at ease that actually the most important night’s sleep are 2/3 nights before the race, if you don’t get much the night before, you’ll still be fine.
  3. Transport and logistics – make sure you know how you are getting there, and don’t leave yourself tight for time. If you’re doing the half-marathon bring warm gear and a hat for the start line. You can pop it in a bag to be dropped down to the finish line by the race organisers.
  4. Gear – don’t change from what you have been training in over these months…nothing new.
  5. Food – breakfast, stick to what you know, despite the temptation that might be around in hotels. If you are used to Weetabix for example, ask your hotel if they have it, if not, go out and buy it the night before, or better, bring some with you.
  6. Start line area – before you start queueing for the toilets, which may take some time, take a few pictures, enjoy the moment, you’ll want to remember that start line.
  7. Half-marathon pacers – these guys are great for keeping you to your times, you won’t miss the big balloons they have. Run with the group, enjoy the chats!
  8. Water stops – make yourself familiar with these on the course map, so you can plan your hydration. Please do not litter.
  9. Gels – only take one if you’ve trained taking one.
  10. Finish line – enjoy this. Get yourself sometime in the hot tub…you deserve it…and a beer…and a burger!!


Best of luck to everyone taking part, it promises to be an awesome day once again! Congratulations on making it to the start line – the hard work is done!

Run Killarney 2019 is sold-out – please visit to join the waiting list.