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Can you do it?

Welcome to our brand-new Run Killarney race blog for 2019. Over the coming weeks we’ll help you on your journey to the start line in Killarney on 20th July.  Every week I get asked by people I meet “Can I do it?”. My answer is always the same, YES YOU CAN! You simply need to set your expectations and prepare the right way.

About Me

My name is Brian, I run the website and blog. I am not an elite athlete; I don’t think I’d consider myself a fast runner either. I just love to run. But I have done a lot of races, including Killarney and I will draw on this experience to help you on your way.

Choosing your distance

Luckily there are two very good options, either the half-marathon or the 10K. You may be part of a group with novice runners who are used to distances of 5k or less. For this group, the 10K option is perfect. It may feel like a big jump, but with a good training programme, anyone can get up to the 10K distance.

Perhaps you have done a 10K before and are worried about the step up to the half. This may seem daunting as it is quite a jump from 10k to 21k. However, it is definitely doable with the right approach. There are really good training plans available on the Run Killarney website that will help you with this increase. Most importantly for me as regards Killarney is that, if this is your first attempt at a half-marathon, this is probably one of the best ones in the country (and beyond) for a ‘first timer’ to try. The course really helps you along (starting in Molls Gap and bringing you down the National Park), and there is a super atmosphere among the runners on the route and at the finish line.

You may have done a half before, and you run regularly. Well then you need to think about your longer term goals for this year. Do you have a big target for later in the year, are you focusing on lowering your times? Will the 10k or the half help you towards other goals?

Award-winning event 

For both distances you will receive a beautiful medal and finishers t-shirt. Run Killarney won “Event of the Year” in the Running in Ireland race awards last year, “Editor’s Choice” category. So you are literally going for one of the best events in the country. Places are filling fast though so don’t miss out – sign up at

Joke of the week!

There’s a party at the event especially for runners who don’t use deodorant sprays……’Roll-on the after-party!!