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Incorporating other races into your training plan

It’s week 3 of the Run Killarney race column, and 4 weeks to go to race day. Now would be a good time to get out and try a shorter race. There’s nothing like the race day experience to push your training along. You are guaranteed to go faster than you normally would, and it can really give you a lift, that is different to the usual mileage that you are currently putting in.

If you are doing the 10K, find a good local 5k or 4 Mile – even a Park Run could give you a boost. If you are doing the half-marathon, maybe try a 10K close to you. Even if this race doesn’t go to plan, you can learn a lot before the big day, such as pacing, so as not to burn out too early in a race. Races should be part of your training plan if you can make the time.

Breaking down the distance on the day

If this is your first time attempting a longer distance in Killarney, then an important strategy for the day is how you are mentally going to approach the race. If, for example, you are doing the half-marathon, it is easier to think of the race in sections rather than the full 13.1miles. One example might be, start out with an easy 5K (get to know the runners around you). Once you’ve achieved an easy 5K target, your next section of the race might be a steady 10K, slightly faster. That’ll be a bit harder, but just keep focusing on finishing out the 10K. Now you only have 4K to go to the finish. But really, you only need to focus on a quick 3K once you get within 1K, you’ll know the finish line is coming, and the atmosphere and excitement will bring you home. Mentally breaking the course down like this should make it more manageable and less daunting.

There are many ways to break down the race. Find a version that will work for you.

Tip of the Week!

To run well, it’s not always about actually running. Doing core strengthening exercises and a quality stretching programme will improve your running, making you more efficient, and likely faster. Try a Pilates class to mix things up and use other muscles.

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