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Pick an event:

By registering for an event it puts a target date to train towards and allow you to become focused on training.

Pick a training plan that suits you:

Give yourself plenty of time to train for your first half marathon. Most training plans range from 12 to 16 weeks and assume you have a good base level of fitness. Avoid training plans that require you to increase mileage and intensity very quickly as this will lead to burnout. Check out our train plans here >>>

Join a running group:

Training groups are a great way to stay motivated and improve your running performance. In addition you can get tips and advice from other runners in the group.

Introduce cross training:

Running continuously can put a lot of stress on your body and can lead to injury. Introducing crossing training such as swimming or cycling between each run increases your aerobic fitness and aid in the recovery process.

Rest and list to your body:

Rest is just as important as a running session. Your body needs time to recover and repair. If you feel burnt-out, low in energy or unmotivated take a rest day. Listen to your body as you train for aches and pains and see a physiotherapy’s if pains continues longer than a week.


Fueling your body for 13.1 miles requires thinking ahead. Not only on race day, but throughout your training program. Different foods work for different people. Try and test different foods and see what works best for you.

Research the race:

Check out the race website for details such as what mile marker the water stations are located at. Know the pacer times available on the day.