Training plans

Our training tips and advice to get you ready for Run Killarney.

General Advice

  • Identify your personal goals: Remember to start slowly and build up the distance gradually. Don’t be afraid to walk/jog as you begin your training program.
  • Run with a friend or group as this can make the time go faster, help you go further and make it more fun.
  • Get the right gear: The right shoes and gear can make the world of difference and it’s nice to look good too.
  • Stay healthy: Build a solid base for training with good hydration, a balanced diet and plenty of sleep.
  • Pace yourself do not increase your mileage too soon or you will get injured.
  • It is okay to rest: You do not have to train hard every day. Easy recovery runs are just as important. Remember your body has to repair itself following a week’s training.
  • Vary your routes forest, beach etc.
  • Hit the hills: Hill training will make you strong fast.
  • A sports massage is beneficial when training and it will prevent injury.
  • Train to the best of your ability, relax and enjoy as its going to be a brilliant day.

For a healthy and peak performance you need to eat a healthy balanced diet. A balanced diet includes six nutrients essential for good health and performance – carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and water.

What Food Groups do I need to consider throughout the day to give me a good nutritional and well balanced diet? If you break down your day into servings of food groups, it will ensure that you get what you need to sustain a healthy diet and will steer you in the right path to help you cut out all the ‘bad foods’.

Carbohydates: Cereals, Bread, Rice, Pasta, potatoes etc. (6+ servings per day)

Fruit and Vegetables: Fruits, fruit juice, vegetables, salad, vegetable soup etc. (4+ servings per day)

Dairy: Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt etc. (3 servings per day)

Meat, Fish and Alternatives; Chicken, Beef, Fish, Eggs, Beans etc. (2 servings per day)

Others: Fats and Oils & Confectionary. (sparingly)

Three well balanced meals combined with healthy snacking will result in more energy for performance and mental alertness. In the weeks leading up to Run Killarney it is vital that you get your diet right to give yourself the best chance in the big day